I was thrilled to be at The Joyce Gala, with Miami City Ballet dancing it's debut season at the David Koch Theater
at Lincoln Center. Loudes Lopez, MCB's Artistic Director extraordinaire, a former SAB student and NYCB dancer,
was back full swing with an amazing week starting off with NYCB signature piece Serenade by George Balanchine.
Serenade was danced by MCB with artistry, aplomb and grace. They were on pointe, truly terrific!
 I admit this is one of my favorite pieces, that makes me well The original Balanchine choreography and music by
the renowned Peter IIyich Tchaikovsky sends me where eagles fly! Loudes out did herself!!!

I also went Saturday night and was thrilled to see threemore dances. Justin Peck's Heatscape was commissioned by
MCB. A bit of a segue for a moment. About a year before I was at the Guggenheim Museum for "Works and Process."
Justin Peck shared his thoughts on how he conceived his ballet, Shepard Fairey, Graphic and Scenic designer was there,
Loudes Lopez and a few of the MCB dancers. It was the coolest to see Justin work with the dancers. Truly I am madly in
love with the way and how he thinks. It wastruly amazing to see a work become a full ballet.
It was performed by MCB with riveting moves,  intensity and fun. Lots of the
South Beach Miami heat and sun was brought to the New York stage.

I was blessed to sees all 7 dances, which included, Symphonic Dances, Viscera, Symphony in Three Movements,Bourree Fantasque and Sweet Fields
 dispersed over a few days. MCB principals, soloists and corps were over the top, so talented and evidently having so much fun.


NYCB Is Great for Selfies!

What an amazing night at the New York City Ballet Spring Gala with Gianna
Reisen, a D Level advanced level Ballet student from the School of American Ballet (SAB).
Here you see Gianna Lea, myself and Lauren Lovette, Principal Ballerina from the NY City Ballet, taking a selfie.
I was surrounded by some of the principals, soloists and corps from NYCB. I was thrilled, Inspired and appreciative to be
surrounded by tremendous talent.
The much anticipated highlight for me was the World Premiere of "American Rhapsody." The choreography by Christopher Wheeldon to
George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue was stellar, sensuous, fluid and enrapturing. Robbie Fairchild and Tiler Peck were superb and melded into each other.
Its so cool to finally have seen this oh so talented husband and wife duo dance with each other.
Amar Ramasar and Unity Phelan were, as usual, dynamic, so on pointe and terrific!
Whata memorable evening, especially to share it with my favorite ballerina, Gianna!

New York City Ballet Presents, "The Nutcracker"

Dance enthusiasts Arden Greenspan-Goldberg, Nisha, and Priya outside of the Koch Theatre.

Dance enthusiasts Arden Greenspan-Goldberg, Nisha, and Priya outside of the Koch Theatre.

Behind the glittering facade of flouncy tutus, dreamy scenery, and pink pointe shoes that audience members see at New York City Ballet’s production of “The Nutcracker,” lies a hectic, yet enthralling world usually seen only by dancers, staff, and crew members. But on December 5th, 2016 a group of ballet enthusiasts were invited to see the world beyond the curtain, gaining a glimpse into the backstage areas, wings, and costume shops that contribute to the magic that touches thousands of audience members each year. Starting with a rare view of the David H. Koch Theatre from the stage, those participating in the tour were led through the maze of halls and rooms that make up New York City Ballet’s home for its fall, winter and spring seasons. From demonstrations of the way the one-dimensional Christmas tree is made to look real and to grow, to an exclusive view of the inside of Mother Ginger’s skirt, lined with red lipstick marks from the kisses of the children who emerge from within, the tour gave these already enthusiastic dance-lovers and even deeper connection to the company. Seeing the mechanisms behind the clock in the parlor and the massive heads of the mouse costumes up close was both endearing and intriguing, but the icing on top of this tour came during an unexpected walk down a narrow backstage corridor. While the tour group was admiring the names of famed NYCB dancers posted on dressing room entrances, the door to the room labelled “Tiler Peck” popped open, revealing the renowned ballerina herself, who happily waved to the touring group and took pictures with those who asked. This experience alone was enough to leave tour participants wide-eyed and disbelieving, but combined with the entire tour it made for a magical afternoon, and memorable performance later that evening.


Jacob's Pillow

Sarah Atkins, Nicholas Murrage, Miriam Ernest, Blake Krapels, Izabela Szylinska, and Emery LeCrone at the home of Deborah and Charlie Aderman.

Sarah Atkins, Nicholas Murrage, Miriam Ernest, Blake Krapels, Izabela Szylinska, and Emery LeCrone at the home of Deborah and Charlie Aderman.

The Jacob’s Pillow 2016 season “INSIDE/OUT” featured Emery LeCrone DANCE’s new work “NOW/HERE,” which lent itself beautifully to the unique outdoor setting it was performed at on June 23rd. The breathtaking beauty of the sun shining through the trees, the calm summer breezes, and the scenery of the rolling mountain peaks beyond the elevated stage highlighted LeCrone’s neoclassical choreography. While some dancers entwined themselves in intricate partnering and jaw-dropping lifts, others simply paced around the perimeter of the stage before disappearing down the twin staircases on either side of the venue. Although LeCrone’s innovative choreography would draw attention in any setting, at Jacob’s Pillow her dancers performed with such free-ness and lightness that the program became memorable to even the most seasoned dance aficionados.

Photo Credit: Emery LeCrone/ Instagram

The dancers of Emery LeCrone DANCE


Dance Against Cancer

Dance Against Cancer 2016, a powerful tribute and fundraiser hosted by New York City Ballet principal Daniel Ulbricht and dancer Erin Fogarty, raised funds and awareness for those struggling with cancer. The dancers and the audience alike were moved to tears throughout the evening, in remembrance of those who have passed on from cancer, and support for those who continue to fight the disease today. The ‘creme de la creme’ of dancers across styles ranging from tap to ballet volunteered to perform at the event, bringing duets such as Leanne Cope and Robert Fairchild’s “American Rhapsody” and Benny Goodman’s energetic “Sing, Sing, Sing!” to the theatre. Not only did the dancers extend beyond the borders of their traditional repertoire with American Ballet Theatre principal Gillian Murphy performing George Balanchine’s “Stars and Stripes,” and Robert Fairchild re-appearing on stage for a playful tap number, but the dancers seemed to perform with a newfound invigoration, reflecting their passion for Dance Against Cancer’s cause.