Serena and Venus Williams: Empowered Women & Role Models for Girls

I was up to see the exciting Australian Tennis Finals Match with Venus and Serena Williams, truly at their best! First let me say that they are the classiest sister athletes in my lifetime. They are all about girl and women’s empowerment, role models of Set Your Mind to What You Want and Go For It, Fight For It, Be Hungry, Be Determined, Persevere, Be Focused! I just love them both, such amazing Role Models!

As I was watching them both on the court, I have to say, they both possess such grit! Venus is the comeback gal, whom Serena says, “never left the court!” Serena was vying for #23 win to break a world record. Venus is all about the power of the love and passion of the game. I was enthralled!

After the first 6-4 set won by Serena, Venus did not give up! Really, the focus of a true champion, she just continued to rally,  press through and move forward.

Second set, 6-4 Serena. Two sisters so thrilled for each other. It was all over their faces. Venus “I’m so proud of my little sister,” Serena, “I couldn’t do this without my sister Venus, I’m so proud of her!” Such grace and inspiration and the biggest smiles ever!

I was so relieved for Serena! The pressure she has put on herself has been mind boggling. This time she had a handle, playing not her “opponent” but playing, the ball, focused on each point. That was evident!

In the post interview, Serena shared, how much she wanted the 23rd and the Australian win. Her excitement was palpable through the TV screen, throughout the interview with Chrissy Evert, Chris F. and MaryJo Fernandez. When she received a box and opened it with her new Nike sneakers and a letter from another icon, Michael Jordan, well that was the sprinkles on her sundae. Her expression was priceless. 

A side note: Wow what an engagement ring. So happy for her!

Post interview with Venus, she was thrilled that the Williams name was now on the Australian Trophy. No disappointment, more that she made it to the Finals and how important her and Serena’s roles are in being strong female role models. 

I so admire them both. I am so inspired to see their growth as athletes and women with a very strong positive impact. They are in my Hall of Famers!