"Some of my patients have called me a Guardian Angel coming into their life at the right moment to help deal with personal crisis and distress. I see myself as a personal GPS System and facilitator that has led my patients in finding their way back to reconnect to their authentic selves. Through my compassion, down to earth personality and my positive spin, you will feel listened to and understood. Mindful daily practices have been incorporated in my life and my goal is  to teach these self soothing practices to you as well. Be courageous, and as your coach and cheerleader I recommend you take a leap of faith and reach out now!

The following is a list of all my areas of expertise" - Arden

  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Children, Teens, Adults, and Families 

Children and teens often times trigger their parents with "come backs" where parents who felt totally in control of their child, now are faced with raging hormones, and are confronted by their teen's new found empowerment. These sessions will help you begin to learn how to re-connect and self nurture, firstly with yourself and then with your precious child. We explore if there is a family history  of  learning disabilities, depression, anxiety disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, and other self harming behaviors. 

The sessions also offer one-on-one meetings similar to psychoanalysis to provide a positive, corrective healing experience dealing with PTSD, Mood disorders, Personality disorders, and personal and social problems.

This type of therapy is open to parents, students, young adults, athletes (professional), dancers, performing artists, professionals in the service fields, professionals in the business field, and more. 

  • Psychoanalysis

Life needs to be understood backwards before we can move forward. This approach involves traditional methods such as one-on-one sessions 1-3 times a week either "on the couch" or on a Nature Walk. I target feelings of low self worth and low self esteem, sure you up, and provide a healing, corrective experience via our collaborative and compassionate relationship. This method includes an analysis of childhood experiences and memories that unconsciously resonate in the present. Our work is to increase your awareness and clarity. 

  • Couple and Marital Psychotherapy

"We can agree to disagree and not be disagreeable." It's a true gift to listen to two people simultaneously while having their backs. The purpose of these sessions is to facilitate each person's capacity to hear the other one out with an open mind. A key element is for each person to practice patience, kindness, with the goal of being compassionately heard and taken seriously. These sessions help couples on the brink of separation or divorce navigate through their decision making process.

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

DBT, originally conceived by Marsha Linehan, is a skill set with its aim of radical self acceptance juxtaposed with behavioral change. DBT Therapy encompasses mindfulness practices, distress tolerance, and affect (emotional) regulation. Particularly effective with BPD and patients struggling with Anorexia, Bulimia, Compulsive over eating, and Binge eating disorder. CBT is a short term therapy that focuses on the power of our thoughts impacting the intensity of our feelings. One aspect of CBT is exposure and desensitization to a particularly toxic situation. Particularly effective with Phobic reactivity, School refusal/avoidance, Academic pressures, Panic disorders and generalized anxiety. 

  • Life Coaching

This is a creative and stimulating approach that involves listening, giving feedback, and giving advice and skills that will help you in your personal and professional life. I work with adults, teens, children, VETS transitioning into civilian life, women in transition from home to work, the LGBT community, couples, and more! 

The first session uses a goal oriented Visual Tracking Board with the following questions 1) What they want for themselves 2) What's standing in their way and 3) Envisioning themselves short and long term. The mindful approach and self soothing strategies are integrated into each session.

  • Eating Disorders and Body Image 

This is a combination of psychodynamic psychotherapy, mindfulness, DBT & CBT (See above), Nutritional counseling, and psycho-education. The sessions are either individual and/or group with an emphasis on self and body acceptance as the key to recovery from an eating disorder. 

Expert in working with Anorexia, Bulimia, Compulsive overeating, and Binge eating disorder. Specialization in pre and post Bariatric surgery and Mindful Binge Eating support groups. See 'Workshops' for more. 



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