Finding a Therapist

It's all about the fit.

My family based private psychotherapy practice has two locations. Manhattan is electric and I love having some special space on Thursdays. My home based has a beautiful waiting room and cozy office with muted earth tones. It's so important to help a potential patient feel comfortable and "at home" during probably one of the most vulnerable time periods sharing what brought them to seek help and at the same time deciding whether they want to work with you.

It's so important for a potential patient to feel heard, understood and to get feedback. I feel the chemistry between patient and therapist is essential. Trusting their gut that you are going to be able to help them creates the faith, confidence needed to help a person find their path and direction. My goal is to help people reconnect to their selves and to their significant others.

I have seen countless Moms, Dads, their children, tween, teens and young adults who present with communication issues, and break downs. Many a parent has felt frustrated, seeing no options but to argue, yell, lecture and nag. Their kids have turned off, tuned out and non-verbally look disgusted and angry. I teach and help them all see the bigger picture the "Aerial Approach" that all is not lost, that where there's hope, there's love. Most people that leave after a session with me feel better and uplifted. Our work is a collaboration.

My areas of specialization are Parenting, children, tween, teens, young and older adults. I see couple, marital, work with actors, dancers, those in the performing arts, GLBTQQ kids and adults, and athletes using Sports Psychology. I have a passion to work with compulsive over eaters, those that suffer from Bulimia, Anorexia and Binge Eating Disorder. I provide nutritional counseling, go out to restaurants with some of my patients as a way to help them reconnect to the good, nourishing aspects of food and to work on food becoming a friend, not foe. My focus is to help them on their long road to healing and recovery and get them fully back to living their life with love and passion.

My favorite workshops that I give are on Aerial Parenting, Barbie Doll and the Man of Steel (The Myth of Perfection and Body Image), Technology and Sex: What your tween/teen is into and up to and how to deal and more on my workshop page.

I have a passion for working with teens, still being a teen at heart, and wrote my book "What Do You Expect? She's A Teenager! A Hope and Happiness Guide for Moms with Daughters ages 11-19 with my daughter Samara in mind as my inspiration. My new book has been described as a bible and a full family reading.