Below are testimonials for my recent Aerial Mindful Self-Care: Group and Corporate Wellness Workshop. If you are interested in booking me for a workshop or speaking engagement, please contact me.

It was a pleasure meeting you and to attend your seminar on Aerial Mindfulness at RJFS. I really enjoyed your seminar and found it to be highly informative. Honestly, I found it to be so ‘Soothing and Impacting...all at once, because I’m so use to a fast pace life and partaking in high intensity exercises. I would love to purchase your book and would love to attend your future seminars, as well! Please keep me informed. It was a pleasure meeting you!
— Leslie Rodriguez, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Rockland Jewish Family Service
I really enjoyed Arden’s Ariel Mindful Workshop. She has so much insight into how our emotions affect us, our families and our relationships with others. We sometimes neglect ourselves by putting everyone else’s needs first. She reinforced what we already know- how important it is to “feed” yourself both physically, emotionally and spiritually. Thank you Arden for giving us permission to “say yes to ourselves” and grow happier in the process.
— Angela Gubitosa, RN
In my career as dietitian and nutrition therapist, I have attended many seminars designed to facilitate self-care and mindfully-based personal effectiveness, and I am happy to say that Arden’s seminar ranks among the best of its kind. I found her warm presentation style balanced and centered, and the whole event was energizing yet soothing, filled with music, joy and connection. There is something powerful about sharing an experience with people learning together how to use tools to connect with themselves on a deeper, more positive level; and under Arden’s facilitation, my experience was about as positive as it could be.
— Lisa D. Ellis, MS, RDN, CDN, LMSW, CEDRD, Nutrition Therapist
The aerial mindful self-care seminar was uplifting. Arden’s skill at weaving didactic teaching with experiential learning was so impressive and made the material come alive. Her ability to stay present and connected to the audience beautifully mirrored the therapeutic process. I walked away with a new mantra ringing in my ears “you are your most significant other!”
— Aviva Kohl, LCSW
Arden’s workshop was very relaxing and a good reminder about how important it is for clinician to take care of ourselves while we take care of others. As Arden says, there is a difference between being selfish and being self-ness. Self-care is the number one priority and she taught us exactly how we can do that!
— Jennifer McGurk, RDN, CDN, CDE, CEDRD | Certified Eating Disorders Registered Dietitian
OMG. What can I say? I gave up hot yoga for this workshop. I was surprised to find out I didn’t give up at all! Arden’s workshop was Yoga of the mind. Amazing presentation!
Learned a lot and felt relaxed and energized with her interactive exercises that helped us all feel just a bit calmer and more mindful. Thank you for a beautiful morning.
— Iris Epstein, RDN CEDRD | President at Nutrition Improvement Center
Arden Greenspan Goldberg’s presentation on Aerial Mindful Self Care was both informative and useful. It provided a different perspective on how to find balance in one’s life. The strategies that she offered are ones that I can use both at home and at work. I can’t thank her enough for giving such a great presentation.
— Eugenia O'Connor
Your presentation at Rockland Jewish Family Services was beautiful. Thank you Arden.
— Christine Knorr, Clinical director Rockland Jewish Family Services Chair of RJFS Eating disorders Task Force