Aerial. Mindful Meditation. Careful what you Meditate on:TIPS on Managing Holiday Family Stress

As a TV and Radio Expert for over 24 years often times family members, at this “Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” believe that a special holiday family gathering will enhance the “get along factor.” I have seen many attempts by well meaning family members to connect without doing all the long and hard leg work before. My advice leave it for another day!

  1. It’s ok to be polite, cordial and keep the conversation superficial. I know not an easy thing to do especially if you have been hurt, you're are still chewing on your anger, rather than the turkey.
  2. Stay in Peace. I know you are thinking, “You can’t be serious.”
  3. Breathe in and Out and say out loud, “I Am, In Peace.” “ I Am Full of JOY.” Do this many days before in preparation and anticipation. Think to yourself, I don’t want anyone to steal MY joy.
  4. 4. Be aware and careful of what you are Meditating on. Over the course of the day, our mind can have 60,000 thoughts. Yes you heard me right. You have heard of the Platicity of the Brain, how new neural pathways are created everyday? It’s true!
  5. 5. Sit, chat and connect with like minded friends, family that are inspirational, uplifting and full of enthusiasm.
  6. 6. Happy Holidays to you all. Namaste!