I Just Love Outspoken Feminist Young Curvy Women!

After reading NY Times July 7th Thursday Styles, Skin Deep article, “Why Beauty Brands Ignore Curvy Models, I was struck by a few of the outspoken, assertive Shapely Models. They all had this is common, they have navigated savvily with social media, around our cultural narrow mindedness and they were all determined to become a BRAND.

We live in a very celebrity driven culture and after all it’s all about making a profit, selling, driving up a following and monitizing a site. That’s how Facebook, Instagram and Snap Chat are successfully doing it and it’s a prototype for any “new kid” on the block that wants notoriety.

Iskra Lawrence, a curvy young gal, models for Aerie, lingerie and swimwear. Talk about pride in herself and lovin her body and being. She’s all about her brand and making sure that she is being seen especially via Ads, Utube and Instagram.

Clementine Desseaux posted a video while in Paris, wind blowing her hair, of her wearing Louboutin red lipstick that went viral on Instagram.

Ashley Graham, beautiful larged sized gal, is the first plus size model on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

Paloma Elsesser, a self described Plus sized model and so much more, talks about beauty brands slowly being “inclusive of women in all different sizes, shapes, colors, gender and sexual identities.”

I’m thinking of Rue Paul for MAC Cosmetics, a very forward thinking progressive company.

So what’s going on here? I’d say my friend, and body image advocate and activist, spokeswoman and former Elite Runway Plus Size Model, Emme Aronson could talk to that the times they are a changing albeit, very slowly!

It’s takes lots of fearlessness, courage to love and like yourself, to measure yourself by the size of your heart not some preconceived image of perfection and beauty. Just be who you are meant to be, your authentic self and do your thang!!!