Twyla Tharp & Three Dances

What makes an evening magical? It’s the company you keep! I always treasure pre-theater dinner with my dance buds, Charlie and Debbi. Tonight some great additions, my daughter Samara, age 26, Debbi’s daughter Karen, 30ish her musician boyfriend Nate. It was so cool to listen to them sing. Live band Karoke here they come!

After the very lively “Country Dances,” there was one of two intermissions. Samara spotted Ms. Twyla Tharp who was sitting a few seats away. How wonderful to have such close access to complement her, which I unselfconsciously did. She is an award winning Icon with a 40 year resume of accolades, major award winning recognition and success!

As a dance aficionado and a passionate dance lover, not a reviewer, I admit I have tremendous admiration for every dancer who makes challenging choreography look “easy and flowing.”

“Country Dances” was cutesy, fun and very lively. Seeing John Selya dance was a happy throwback to Billy Joel’s Broadway Musical, “Movin On Out,” which he starred in. He still has the moves and the razzmatazz!

I realize the NY Times Wednesday July 13th review was a bit unpleasant of the NY Premiere of “Beethoven Opus 130,” however the dancers, as usual, were terrific! It was a treat to see Kaitlyn Gilliland dance in a prominent lead role. I’ve had a few opportunities to get to know her. Her classical SAB training and her 5 years plus with the NYCB was evident. Here the reviewer and I agree. My words, Kaitlyn is a standout tall, lithe, graceful and so talented!

With “Brahms Pagini,” I was particularly smitten with Reed Tankersley and his extended solo was intense, beautifully organically danced with great fluidity.

After the performance we all waited for Kaitlyn. So cool to listen and reconnect. Gotta love dancers, so easy to love. Yes, Go to The Joyce. Twlya has a long run July 11–23rd 2016 and just go with an open heart!