A is for Arden

New Chamber Ballet Studio 5 City Center: Choreography by Miro Maglior

I was so amazingly excited to see Amber Neff's entwined and making an "A!!" As some of you know I'm a major dance enthusiast! It's my heart passion my soul! I wear an "A"charm around my neck. On close inspection you'll see that it's two dancers coming together in a solid gold "A"making an A for Arden, as Amber Neff has sweetly shared a number of times with me:) The A's go on and on. Dancers are Awesome Amazing Admirable Acrobatic Approachable  and my go to A-Team!

I admit, I'm hooked! Why not?

Becoming friends, chatting, supporting new works and seeing a thought from a choreographer become a dance is truly chilling and goose bump worthy.

I love being uplifted and inspired. I am truly grateful and appreciative for every opportunity I have had to participate in this amazing world