May 2017 Here/Now Festival: Odessa

I know Alexi Ratmansky is married, but I'm having a love affair with his choreography. His experience, intensity, his vision, his expectations, his exacting style is intense, passionate, gorgeous and Russian! He knows what he wants. He wants the most out of his dancers and his dancers want to give their all to him. What a beautiful marriage.

Today, I was blessed with seeing principal Sterling Hyltin, Sara Mearns, Tyler Peck, Joaquin De Luz, Amar Ramasar, Taylor Stanley and a very talented on point Corps. Imagine Isaac Babel's tales of Jewish gangsters in Odessa Russia during the Russian revolution. Ratmansky engages with his audience via his choreography with seriousness juxtaposed with humor and whimsy. This is Ratmansky’s fifth work for New York City Ballet. I can't wait for the 2017-18 season. I can't get enough of Ratmansky!