Mindful Self Care-YOU Are Your MOST Significant Other

Any time I see an inspirational quote like the two pictured, it makes me think about how hard we can be on ourselves, whether we have a high bar for ourselves, compare ourselves to others, or have a hard time forgiving ourselves for making mistakes, some unintentional and some with conscious intent, in the best sense.

Going easy with yourself, that’s a very big statement of being reasonable with ourselves, not stressing ourselves out, not expecting the world of ourselves. It’s LET(breathe in 3 breaths of the energy of nature, the sun, the ocean, what uplifts you, GO (release in 3 breaths of body tension, worries, anxiety, pain, roominating over-thinking thoughts) Repeat as many times as you can until you feel more grounded and at ease. Take a cleansing breath, a walk outside, look up in the sky and say, “Thank you for my breath, Thank you for the day, the sun, the wind.” Look all around you. This will help you get out of your head and feel and see a bigger perspective.

The Japanese bowl repaired with gold. Wow that speaks to my soul. We all have been broken one time or another in our lives. How do we fill that void? With over eating? With drugs? With hurtful thoughts, with self harming actions? Our effort needs to be to begin to see that we are all imperfect, works in process. That Recovery, with a capital R from any seemingly unhealthy way of coping is very possible as long as we are Willing and Want to. You are so worth it! Just Imagine your effort, energy moving in the direction of  beginning to fill in your voids maybe brokenness with precious thoughts like, “I am a jewel, I am a precious stone, I am solid as gold.” People that know me say, What if I don’t quite believe that yet? I now say “Faith it, till you make it.” Why not, You are worth it, You matter, no matter what anyone has said to you.

I say to the Naysayers in my head and out loud now, “What someone says about me, is none of my business.” Especially when it’s a put down. Bottom line, I need to be very aware of what I am feeding my head, my brain, which by the way is very teachable with repetition and practice!

My mantra, “I will not let any situation, person, including myself stand in the way of my happiness, joy and peace.” I find reminding myself of this everyday helps me right my crooked spaces and set my mind body spirit and soul back on my curious adventure and journey!