Aerial. Mindful. Parenting your Child Teen Young Adult with Joy, Blessings and Pride

As a Teen and Parenting Expert and Author of What Do You Expect? She’s A Teenager!, one of my passion projects was to learn from my children Samara, now 26 and Todd now 33. As a Family Psychotherapist, I always found that children have so much to teach. Just staying tuned into them, their distinctive personality, strenths and weaknesses, my being a caring, warm and kind facilitator enabled them to become strong, capable and confident in their own skin. Lots of unconditional love, and blessing them verbally for their brave and courageous attempts to deal with the unknown, their fears, served to make them who they are today. My daughter Samara, 26, has become a heartfelt writer of her blog ISRAEL BEING SAMARA, while living and teaching English in Israel for a 10 month period to elementary and middle school students. She’s has worked long and hard on herself to get to a place of having faith in herself, living her dream and adventure. Todd is 33 today, married to a lovely woman, Nisha and they are creating a good life filled with love and having each others backs.

I can truly say to myself, “job well done” and feel lots of pride internally that I spontaneously express to three heartfelt, soulful, humanitarian adults very launched into their lives.