I'm For Hillary!

I'm thrilled to share a photo of blessed fortunate me and Hillary Clinton. She is warm, engaging, funny, for us women and so brilliant. She held my hand as I gave her my book, What Do You Expect? She's a Teenager! Thank you Joya Dass and Dr Hetal Gor for facilitating this moment in time that I will forever savor:) PS her birthday is 10-26, mine 11-17 two kind and give back Scorpio Eagles!!! 

The previous was a post written almost a year ago when I met Hillary at an event. 

Since then I have had the thrill to hear Hillary again may 2016 at Dr Hetal Gor's home. Hillary is all about family leave, equal pay for women, and gun control. She is so qualified to be commander-in-chief! She impresses me as having a steady hand, a dearth of experience and a very reassuring confident manner while meeting and chatting in this small venue that had about 100 attendees.

I continue to follow Hillary and I am thoroughly convinced that Madame Secretary will be the first woman president of United States! Wow I love just saying that, considering women are the majority of the population of United States and I believe of the world. How Historic!!! Its about time us females are fully represented. What I love about her is that she's a feminist. What is a feminist? A person who loves both men and women and tries to be very fair. When she says she'll work her heart out for all of us, believe her she speaks from the heart and the soul of many decades of first hand experience!

I'm for HILLARY!