My Wonderful Intern Caitlin

This summer I was blessed with not one, not two but "3 Smart Empowered Female Interns" each with an incredible skill set and charming engaging personality.

First to connect was Caitlin Holt. Caitlin now a Senior at Pearl River High School, is a wonderful writer, feminist, and trained ballet dancer. She dazzled me at the Coupe Dance Recital in June 2016. She's an Advanced Placement student, a gal who manages her schedule and time management with the precision and grace of a dancer on point!

Caitlin has accompanied me to SAB rehearsals, NYCB and Joyce Theater dance performances. Her write ups are NY Times level with a depth of kindness and appreciation for all the practice, rehearsal and psychological work that goes into making a performance look like a work of art. She's been there and gets it!

Caitlin also took over where Kristen left off. She and I worked on sessions 5-9 of my Revised and Updated: Mindful Intuitive Eating 9 Session Support Group for Binge Eaters. She's a quick study! Thank you Caitlin!! Below is a small blurb about what Caitlin does!

"When school gets out at Pearl River High School, my day is usually just getting started! Immediately after school I run to club meetings or to my tutoring jobs. I'm the president and founder of the Girls Learn International (GLI) club, a feminist organization that raises money for girls education around the world and advocates for women's issues. I'm also the Secretary General and president of my school’s Model United Nations chapter, currently organizing mock debate sessions and our chapters trips to the Boston Invitational Model UN conference and the Yale University Conference. Other clubs I'm a member of meet during the school day, such as the Science and Math Olympiad teams, as well as the chamber orchestra. Outside of school, I'm a judge and steering committee leader with the Orangetown Youth Court, where I arraign local minors who have committed misdemeanors. But the one constant in my crazy life is that I can be found at the dance studio 7 days a week. During the week I dance between 4 and 6 hours a day, taking classes in ballet, modern, jazz, tap, partnering, and variations! On the weekends I take a class in the morning before my afternoon rehearsals for upcoming performances. I've danced since I was 2 years old and have spent summers training with the New York City Ballet through the NY Summer School for the Arts."

I love being a student of life, open minded, passionate and excited to teach and learn from young strong passionate empowered women! The future is in great hands:)D

Caitlin continues to be amazing; I wish her all the best at Harvard where she will start attending in the Fall!