Aerial Mindful Self Care: YOU are your MOST significant other.

Get ready to Chillax, fly like the eagles, and leave feeling relaxed calm and more
deeply engaged with your authentic special self. This workshop
is both experiential, didactic and conversational with the goal of introducing my
Aerial Mindful Approach along with Mindful practices that can be integrated into your personal daily

Learning Objectives:
• Empathically connecting to your SELF through the Aerial Mindful Approach.
• What is the Aerial Mindful Approach?
• Opening Blessings: Actively Practicing Kindness Loving Blessings and Self Blessings
• Simple and Easy Breathing Exercises that will facilitate your awareness     of the importance of pressing your Pause and Reset Emotional Buttons
• Learn the difference between Selfless, Selfness and Selfish
• Learn about the importance between Balancing Self and Other Care to prevent burnout
• Learn through Guided Imagery, fun singing and mindful exercises some daily self soothing strategies
• Closing Blessings and Guided Imagery

Great for Women's Groups, PTA Parents, School Personnel, Clinicians, Nutritionists, Doctors, Nurses,
Dancers, Dance Companies,  Personal Trainers, Athletes, Coaches,  Corporate Wellness
Power Point Handouts.

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Being and Becoming a Positive Aerial Mindful Empathic Parent of your tween, teen, young adult

Aerial is about, connecting with yourself first with TLC,  coming from a place of Self-love, Self-care, collected and calm. Mindfulness is a kind, non-critical, non-judgemental approach that involves radical self acceptance. Empathy is standing in your own shoes. Gaining perspective accelerates and role models faith, hope, confidence, resilience, flexibility for both you and your Tween/Teen/Young Adult.

Put these qualities all together and that spells a very connected empathic approach to building a deep connection with your
   precious offspring:)
   Learn how to develop objectivity, respond rather than react.
   Learn how to move into an aware wise mindfulness, a common sense, intuitive approach based on Who your child is.
   Learn my 22 Mindful Aerial tips, from my book, What Do You Expect? She's A Teenager!

   Format: Experiential with guided imagery, Didactic with life coaching conversational starters.
   Keynote, Couples, Group Workshop Series.
   Open to Questions from Parents: Suggested Topics may include
   Navigating the Internet: What you child is Into and Up to (Social Media Sites), School and Academic Stress, On and offline Bullying and Cliques, Friendship, Dating, Sex, Porn etc.,

Being a Positive Mindful Aerial Parents for your Child: Tackling Temper Tantrums with Humor and puppets for Parents of Children ages 1-5

Our children are unique one of a kinds and it's my mission to help you help them become all that they are meant to be.
   Learn how to playfully negotiate a potential power struggle and stave off a temper tantrum.
   See their"No's" as opportunities to teach and learn from your child in an empathic, objective, self loving
   and Self Kind and Child kind TLC approach.
   Learn how Playing and making it a game helps to neutralize bedtime struggles, eating issues, toilet training, getting up and dressed in the AM, getting them from point A to point B.
   with a more stress-less approach.

   Format: This is a lively interactive workshop filled with laughter, smiles and helpful coaching conversation starters from Arden and her daughter, life coach and child expert Samara Goldberg. The approach includes using puppet characters from Sesame Street to help facilitate a fun connection and conversation with your child.
 Great for Parent Groups, Pre-K programs, teachers, Conferences.

Myth of the Barbie Doll and the Man of Steel: Body Image and the Myth of Perfection

We are bombarded!!! The Media, Internet, TV shows, Commercials, the latest diet, the diet industry, new diet appetite suppressant pills, photo shopped ads, cosmetic, plastic surgery, body contouring,  porn, all portray over-sexualized distorted images through unattainable "body perfection."
  How does this onslaught impact our brains, ourselves, our youth. We must challenge the ongoing Myth "You can't be too thin, emaciated or too buffed up, with abs of steel."
  When taken to an extreme, when habit and calorie counting becomes compulsion and moves to addiction we have a set up for disordered eating and the development of an eating
  disorders, Anorexia, Bulimia, Exercise Bulimia, Compulsive Eating and Binge Eating Disorder.

  • Learn how to become an Advocate and Activist and become an Active, Thinking, Screening, Resistant Smart Consumer. Tips, Strategies and Tactics toward developing a life affirming positive radical acceptance of your SELF and develop a more realistic and attainable healthy body image. 
  • Learn how to Love your Body via Mirror exercises, Self Blessings and Affirmations
  • Learn how to measure yourself by the Size of your Heart.
  • Learn more about the HAES (Healthy at every Size) Approach to Self and Body Acceptance

Format: Power Point, Experiential and Didactic
For Schools, Teen and College Students, Parents, PTA's, Keynotes, Conferences.

Identity, Perfection, Body Image and Eating Disorders - Your Role as Conduits and liaisons for Parents and Youth: For Nurses, Doctors

Some alarming Statistics: How teens see their need to lose weight
Images in the Media
Body Image Questionnaire-Identify kids and teens at Risk
Red Flags and Warning signs:
Binge Eating Disorder
Conversation Starters: How to approach your student, patient with compassion
Involving the Parents
When to refer to an Eating Disorder Specialist
When to refer for a higher level of care
Format: Power point, Didactic and Role Playing, Psycho-educational.
Keynotes and Conferences

Also open to Nutritionists, Clinicians, Coaches, Teachers, College and Health Educators.

Self Mutilation Among Our Youth

Self-Mutilation is a complicated and addictive form of self and body hate. Underneath the "Body is weeping tears of blood," expressing and crying and acting out that which is inaccessible to be articulated. If the act of self mutilation could talk, what would it say?
We will talk about Cutting, pin pricking, scratching, burning.
Learn about Body Dysmorphia
Learn about Dual Diagnosis-the concurrent development of an Eating Disorder, Drug and Alcohol Dependence.
Cognitive Tips and Alternative Constructive Self Soothing Strategies
What a Parent and friend can do to identify and direct toward getting help.
Vignettes from Arden's private practice and her book.

Format: Psycho-educational
For parents, youth, schools, school nurses, health, physical education teachers, PTA's, College Students

It can't happen to me! Date and Acquaintance Rape, NOT for Women only.

Alarming Statistics: Approximately 66 percent of rape victims know their assailant. Girls ages 14-19 are four times more likely than the general population to be victims of rape, attempted rape or sexual assault. This does not account for many children and teens that are too frightened and refuse to come forward to report and prosecute!
Red Flags and Warning Signs that your Child has been raped
First hand accounts from my private practice and the SEX chapter of my book
Tips on Being Supportive, proactive and protective of the victim
Steps to Report the crime
What to expect in Court
What is PTSD? What is secondary PTSD?
Helping a friend who is in an abusive relationship
Being with the Wrong kind of partner-Red Flags
What in RAINN? (Rape, Abuse, Incest, National Network

Format: Psycho-educational, Didactic
For High School Students, College Students, Health Educators, Nurses, School and PTA