Emery LeChrone, Choreographer is All About Mindful Self Care

Emery is a choreographer and dancer I support and call friend. She is innovative, talented, a kind, warm gal with a winning smile who lights up the room. I last saw her troupe perform beautifully at Jacob’s Pillow (See Come Dance With Us Blog) and can’t wait to see Emery!

I shared with Emery that I am in the midst of interviewing dancers and choreographers for my Dance book. She graciously met me at a local cool coffee shop and told me all about her passion: Dance! I asked her to reflect on what she felt would be important to include in my book for new dancers and what she wished she knew in the midst of her personal training?

Emery is originally from Charlotte North Carolina. She is the sister of Megan LeChrone, who is a principal of New York City Ballet. Both sister were trained and boarded at the School of American Ballet in Manhattan. Megan went on to apprentice at NYCB, while Emery decided to return home to Patricia McBride’s Ballet School in North Carolina.”

Emery: “I felt too pressured at SAB. There was too much of an emphasis on body type. For a young dancer it’s a confusing world of perfection. It’s important to have a good body image, to nourish one’s mind, body and spirit.

Me: When I  asked about the proliferation of eating disorders and ballet?

Emery: I knew many dancers struggling with eating disorders. I didn’t want to go down that road.

She smiled as she shared that her Mom was a cheerleader and her Dad a quarterback, that they had their “dance moves.” That dancing was a natural, in the gene pool.

Emery: “I wish I had access to Mindfulness, Yoga and Pilates. I didn’t know about the importance of replenishing myself. Now she knows better and believes younger dancers need to continue to move in that direction.

Emery finds a balance between being a freelance dancer and choreographer. She has danced at the MET a number of times and became friends with her peers and formed the Emery LeChrone Dance Troupe.

Emery: “As a choreographer, I love how I can choose my own dancers, costumes and create new choreography.” Emery has choreographed and danced for the New Chamber Ballet at City Center as well.

Me: Who are your idols Emery?

Emery: “Russian Prima ballerina, Natalia Makarova and Julie Kent, a former NYCB Principal now retired. I love how Julie hones in on finding your beauty within. I admire them both!”

Me: How important is the practice of mindfulness in your daily life and your troupe?

Emery: I practice mindfulness everyday and integrate that into my troupe. Dancers need to be aware of self care, taking the time to have an outside inspirational life, and loving their body. It's imperative for a dancer to be focused on self care. Specifically about resting time, hydrating and nourishing oneself, and accepting and appreciating the body.