Special Edition Dear Evan Hansen

Dear Evan Hansen The Musical was amazing!

The theme is all about being seen, mattering and being heard. The suicide really highlights how important it is to be understood and loved for who you are. And to seriously work on self acceptance. We are all different colors of the rainbow.

Tony award winning Ben Platt truly can sing and cry at the same time. His portrayal of Evan Hansen, was explosive, fantastic, warm, confused, and oh so relatable. He is a rare talent, The triple threat with a phenomenal voice.

Tony award winningRachel Bay Jones, Who plays his mom, was so heart wrenching at times, authentic, doing the best that she can as a mom and oh so relatable!

The ensemble cast just enhanced a Tony award winning musical.

My daughter Samara and I had phenomenal fourth row house orchestra seats via Jodie Magic Oriol, A dear friend whom Samara works for.

Samara and I were awestruck throughout!

My eyes frequently welled upand Samara couldn't get enough tissues. So incredibly moving, The acting, The lyrics to the songs, the music.

So we were invited to go backstage to meet Rachel Bay Jones

Lo and behold who is there, Lin-Manuel and his dad Who are waiting for Ben Platt!!!!

It was amazing just to listen to Lin-Manuel chat with Ben Platt hug Ben and then take a selfie with Ben and another selfie with two of the moms in the play. Really, can It get any better? Sure can!

Samara started talking with Lin Manuel about how she loved the speech that he gave at the University of Pennsylvania

Eventually I said I love what you have said "love is love is love is love"

What an awesome magical evening!!!!!