Wendy Whelan "Restless Creature" and More!

I quickly got a ticket on-line for the new documentary Restless Creature. I was given the heads up and a link by a dear ballet lover who said, “I cried so much, Wendy is amazing, I had to see the film twice!”

I was so appreciate of the quiet and peace at the Film Society of Lincoln Center. I was compelled to immediately instagram my feelings for Wendy in the form of a letter. “Still teary eyed,

Wendy dear,

I’m so moved by your commitment, heart and soul, your mental keen focus, your vision, your passion. I’m generally not one that can watch an operation and procedure but I did because it made it even more special to see you physically and emotionally process, press through and come out with hope, faith and determination. Next time I am honored to see you, I’d love to give you a big hug:)”

Restless Creature is an intimate first hand account of Wendy’s career as a dancer from the beginning as a child who always dreamed of becoming a ballerina, who took classes in Kentucky, and who was encouraged by one of her ballet teachers who saw what her fans see, “a high energy coltish physicality.” Wendy moved to NYC at the age of 15 and joined SAB. The rest is history.

During the film, watching her dance Liturgy, a ballet specifically choreographed for her in 2014, her final appearance as a NYCB principal, moved me to tears.

It thrills me to no end that Wendy has continued to work with Brian Brooks, a modern dance choreographer and dancer. I watched with awe Wendy up close and personal during the Dany Studio, Joyce Theater, “Choreographers and Cocktails” in October 2017. February 2017 Wendy and Brian Brooks performed “Some of a Thousand Words.” How is it possible, especially after serious surgeries that she is so able to be so agile, strong, creative, playful. To see her dance is an utter treat. Wendy is so charming and approachable and connected powerfully to herself, Brian and her audience. I loved her exchanges with Brian Brooks, their body language. There’s so much trust and faith when she “fell into his embrace” so many times.

Awesome, Amazing, Iconic, a sweetheart from Louisville Kentucky that’s going to be thrilling us for a loooong time!